Come Here, Queer Deer!

and now i must leave

flowers are v important

please respect flowers

hey does anyone have 300 US dollars lying around cos i would be glad to take it off your hands

excuse me for asking, but what do you identify as? I looked at your info and your pronouns but I didn't really get a conclusion from that ((I am not all that well informed on all the genders etc etc)). And honestly I was a taken offguard by the misgendering post and I think I would have misgendered you too -- sorry!!

i don’t mind at all! While I am still trying to sort it out myself, I currently identify as genderfluid, but i prefer to be called a boy(or a deer when i’m feelin it)




my dad wants to get a pet bird again

even though he’s never home

even though he’s given away all our past pets

even though he’s always broke

my mom was rlly shocked when i didnt know what “in pon farr” meant one time

she said i was the worst nerd ever

my dad is the reason i like tf

i have nerd blood running through my veins

ehh who wants to send me links to cute dresses under $30…