who’s this cute patoot

thesecretpencil said: Cockatrice PERSON.


space-husband said: …the ones with the snake tails. I forget what they are called


ruininoyima said: u would be!! a bird person, or a, fish person, ye!!!!

like abe sapien •<•

and an example of a bird person i can’t think of rn

if i was a monsterperson, which one would i be?

Okay, I saw your reply to anon about things you can do with long hair, but what about short hair? I happen to have shorter hair about an inch above my shoulders. Any ideas?

hmm idk, i have short hair that’s really short in the back and a little below my chin in the front so i can put it in buns, but the only thing i can think of for regular short hair atm is little low pigtails, but curling short hair into ringlets is cute too!

Hi yes I have very long hair but I don't know what to do with it? What would you do with it?

there’s all kinds of things you can do! you can be sailor moon, or do a crown braid, or low double braids with bows are always good. you can also do things like hair horns or cat ears

it was supposed to be piper

the only touhou ship i can really think of rn is a one-sided flandre/reimu and i love it