i look like kakyoin er

say “booty” in the deepest, scariest, most gravely voice you can out loud right now

godd i look terrible i can’t wait for my hair to get cut

baiku said: Having watched Season 3, I’m surprised by the amount of inspirational moments with Galvs. Though most of his stuff was evilbad, he had his moments.

i never liked season 3 as a kid so all i remember is webworld and carnage in c-minor

my school has 9 tv screens in the main room and the only thing they do with them is put it on soundless re-runs of mythbusters

5ci said: aw man… thats a bummer… some day tho. some day youll Win The Fight

5ci said: thats so gross…. bring out your inner punk and beat her up. POWER

i actually really wanted to shake things up in the gsa, but i have mandatory chorus class! sighhhh

the gsa here is lead by a cis ambiguously-het white girl who will not let anyone have a say in poc and trans/queer issues at all

even though she isn’t fit to lead, she’s got so many connections that she manages to stay in power for 3 years now despite multiple and consistent complaints about her being a tyrant 

she never even shows up to the meetings or ever gets anything done…

i hate chorus i hate chorus i hate chorus

james toblerone kirk